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Our next event online is on Saturday July 8, 2023
“Respiration for Inspiration” with Paul Hughes

Respiration for Inspiration

In this experiential workshop, learn to use the breathwork practice of Vivation to release mental and emotional blocks, gain clarity, and tap into your deepest creative potential. Through guided breathing exercises and creativity boosting activities, gain insight into how regulating your breath can help manifest inspiration and bring your visions to life. Discover your ability to breathe life into new ideas, gain energy and motivation, and express your purpose through creative work. Examples of the instructor’s own artistic expressions of visions for a better world will be shared. Open your mind, breathe deep, and get ready to create!

What is Vivation?

Originated by Jim Leonard in 1979, Vivation is a physically pleasurable meditation and breathwork process you can learn to quickly and permanently resolve any kind of negative emotion, trauma or stress. Vivation is a gentle yet powerful process that works by helping you experience the truth of your feelings as just physical patterns of energy in the body. By directly connecting with your feelings at the felt physical level, negative thoughts about those feelings are bypassed, resulting in a much more honest and pleasurable experience. This results in an efficient integration of your feelings, transforming your experience from one of suffering to one of bliss.

Paul Hughes

As Director of Vivation International, Paul has dedicated his life to empowering people through Vivation. Since 2001, he has taught over 20,000 people in 37 countries, becoming the most experienced Vivation teacher in the world. Paul’s friendly approach helps him build strong connections with his students. As the driving force behind training all new Vivation Professionals today, Paul continues to inspire and shape the Vivation community, generously sharing his knowledge and expertise with Vivation enthusiasts around the world.

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